Jan 19, 2011

There Will Be Days...

There will be days like this...

I found out the man who ran into my car on New Years Eve does not have insurance because of "lapse of payment" ... Which means now I have to work with my insurance to take care of it. *sigh* Not the end of the world, just obnoxious.

My Finance Principles classes is ridiculously hard... But, I feel better after my instructor said it is like learning a new language.

After getting my butt kicked at the gym I finally settled into homework, and while taking a mental break I started reading odd comments on facebook by my kids where I used to work... After tracing them back, then double checking with an old co-worker I found out one of my boys who used to live there hung himself yesterday.

Then one of my old boys began talking to me, we talked randomness for a bit, then talked about the boy who committed suicide.. which lead to talking about Jesus.. which lead to him telling me he's Atheist, and his friend's call him a devil worshiper. Which lead to a great and very interesting, but mentally tiring conversation.. while I was trying to finish homework I was struggling to understand.

I so glad today is over, and the Lord gives me a new tomorrow.

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