Nov 30, 2011

Win A Free Book...

So, I have been thinking about the possible options for how to give away Start Something That Matters by Blaky Mycoskie. In case you do not know, I was sent two of his latest books, asked to read it, review it, hold a contest, and give the second book away. I. Am. So. Excited! I cannot wait to give this second book away and (hopefully) hear how it has impacted your life.. (kinda like a pay it forward concept)

Ok, so here is the deal, comment below or send me a message on my twitter and tell me about something that someone ELSE has done that has either changed your life or how they "did something that matters." Feel free to get as specific or as general as you are comfortable with, but I would like to know three basic things, "who, what, and why" (who it was, what they did, and why it mattered or why it changed your life).

I am so excited to hear your stories!! The best part will be that instead of hearing how awful people are (hello Black Friday), all the stories will be encouraging and about things people are doing to help others (whether they know it or not) and I am so excited because it is inspiring all on its own!!

So, think, post (once, twice, 45 times) and tell me who, what, and why someone has impacted your life in a positive way!

Post away!!

I will choose the winner on Sunday, December 4, 2011, and send you your book on Monday (or Tuesday if I can't make it to the post office).

Nov 29, 2011

Starting Something That Matters...

This is essentially my "Part 2" of the review for Blake Mycoskie's Start Something That Matters book I just finished reading. The first review was my thoughts on the book itself (which I loved, and seriously I recommend you get it and read it!) , this is going to focus more on the impact the book has had on me, and the way in which I plan on working towards starting my own something that matters.

But first, a little background...

I have been in my career field for around 7-8 years now, I have known that I want to be doing exactly what I have been doing since I was 15 and my uncle painted a gloriously magnificent picture in my mind of what Communications/PR/Advertising (and business) looks like... exciting, energetic, fast paced, hard, challenging.. and mostly just different and adventurous all the time. So, almost 13 years ago I settled on this as my path. All throughout college I knew what I wanted to do, I got a degree and worked in my field throughout college, graduated and jumped right into my field and have been in this field of study ever since... A little over a year ago I felt like I was supposed to go back to school (*tears*), so I have been pursuing a double masters in Business Administration and MS in Leadership.

I have worked in jobs that I loved, hated, was apathetic about, or incredibly passionate about. However, I have always loved helping those who have small businesses or new businesses understand things about communications, marketing, PR, advertising etc.. It has always struck me as sad and frustrating because they typically do the best they can, but there is no way new and small businesses can afford graphic designers, communications people, web designers, etc.. So, I love helping them where I can with whatever I can or at the very least directing them to the friends I have in the particular area they need help in. Essentially I have been doing some form of consulting for five or so years now.

So, while reading Start Something That Matters, I began thinking, why am I not actually pursuing consulting?.. I love it. I love everything about consulting... It is different every day, I get to help people with my skills, I get to network, I get to learn, I get to give business to my friends who are in various different fields.. but mostly, I love the fact that I get to help new or small businesses succeed, which makes a huge difference in the lives of the employees and their families.. The trickle down effect is astronomical!

One of the things that struck me the most about Blake and his approach to business and the philosophy's behind TOMS is how much he truly mixed profit and social responsibility. However, the social responsibility is really what sets the business side apart and makes it successful. The loyalty that is built when a business makes social responsibility one of the main goals is amazing to read in his book, and confirmed for me that everyone wants both of those things, to do something that has a greater purpose and provides/pays the bills. So, due to this, and the fact that I 100% agree with this in my own life and my own desires, the first 10% of income will go to organizations of the "clients" choosing (even before bills are paid).

So, my new business will look something like this... You are a new/small business, you are struggling, need help with a website, advertising, etc.. but you're working on an extremely tight budget. You would hire me to create a package that works for your needs.. after we have spent a decent amount of time building our relationship, my understanding of the needs and goals, I would coordinate with the various professionals (who all have businesses of their own) to help with the specifics needs of your package (web design, graphic design, photographer, videographer etc..) and you would then pick the ones with the styles that match your own tastes... We would work out the payment plan/options, and you would pick which charity you want your 10% going to (everyone has favorites)... but I would of course have a list of my favorites to choose from just in case (because I know so many people who work for amazing charity's as well). Then, I would commence to working to help your business succeed.

My something that matters is helping new and small businesses succeed whether by consulting for them or with them, while also supporting charities that make a difference.

This is a slow process to get this started and going, but I am pumped... Especially since I can start and grow this slowly while I am still working full time and getting my double masters (oye vey.. clearly I don't have enough to do). But, I now have a purpose behind the double masters and the things I am learning working for a national organization, all of these skills will be vitally important later.

Currently I am working on finding a name that captures my idea (feel free to send me any ideas you have), then getting the business squared away both legally, identity wise, and the look and feel of what I am doing (I cannot start a business claiming to help others without first following my own advice and getting websites and things)... Then (and until then) I will also be working on building my network of experts and professionals to partner with me (let me know if you're interested in partnering with me and joining my network). And of course, lots of prayer will be taking place in the next while for this whole thing.

Should be exciting!

Nov 28, 2011

The Review Part 1...

Several week ago, I saw on Twitter that Blake Mycoskie was doing a book give away, I popped over to the Start Something That Matters site and entered to win Blake Mycoskie's new book. I wrote a couple short paragraphs about why my blog or twitter would be a great platform for me to receive two copies of Blake's books, read one, review it, then give away the second with a contest of my own creation. I found out a couple weeks later that I was one of several people picked! (which is awesome, cause I am fairly certain my sister is actually the lucky one in my family) Once I received the books, I began reading every night before bed, which is typically my nightly pattern with whatever book (or books) that happen to be on my nightstand.

Last night I finished the book, and while I am giving a bit away by not holding you in suspense, I absolutely loved it... Now on to the review; I have been thinking for the last week or so as I neared the end of the book about how I wanted to review it... I came up with all sorts of extravagant ideas, lame ideas, and probably really boring ideas, but I finally settled on breaking the review into two parts. The first part will actually be my review and thoughts of the book, the second part will be the way the book has inspired me to start my own something that matters.

Start Something That Matters is a very easy read, it has the feel of sitting down with a friend over a great cup of coffee and listening to him excitedly and passionately tell the story of how TOMS came to be where it is today. Blake talks about the lessons he learned along the way and the people who have inspired or helped him make TOMS what it is today. Blake does a fantastic job of walking you through his story with passion and ease, the chapters are concise and make sense, and the pictures of key moments or from his journal of a specific moment help make the story come alive even more. I really enjoyed the basic story of TOMS, which is both inspiring and exciting all on its own, but really the most helpful part of the book is reading about the lessons he learned along the way, whether through happenstance, intentional choices or because of mistakes. Blake also gives advice and resources that can help you start your own something that matters, and thankfully his advice is not another self-help to becoming a millionaire, but rather practical advice for a balanced and passionate life and career. The advice comes in all sorts of stories or bullet points, it speaks to the still in college person just as much as the retired and re-evaluating things person. I was amazed at how easily the points are transferable and meaningful for everyone regardless of their position where they work currently or their stage in life.

The advice Blake gives as he details his TOMS journey is not only entertaining to read because of his honesty and sense of humor, but it also strikes a chord because of the practicality and the fact that it appeals to your own desire to want to make a difference and be a part of something that matters. Throughout the book, I had this intense sense of appreciation for the perspective Blake has towards TOMS, business in general, and the way his goals for growing his business and what his goals are with TOMS (or how they have changed throughout the years).

Start Something That Matters does a fantastic job of giving timelines and information that allow you to connect with the story even more from your (my) own perspective... I was able to connect the book's timeline with my own timeline and story, all of which made it feel as though I had an even deeper connection. I was able to pinpoint in his timeline when I was first introduced to TOMS, when I first saw the video from their first shoe-drop (and when I posted it to myspace, before Facebook allowed that kind of sharing). I really enjoyed reading the stories of other people that were shared in the book of how excited they were to be a part of TOMS in their own way, and how they too are making a difference, but even more than that, I liked hearing Blake's perspective and reactions to the stories. They all reminded me of how even for myself, a large part of my connection to TOMS is that I love the story and feel connected too.

The book was the type of good, that I actually wrote in it, circled, underlined and dog-earred pages, and mulled over what I was reading the entire couple weeks it took me to read the book... Not only did I feel fully engaged in the book while I was reading it, but I have begun to think about people I want to buy copies for (because I want to keep my own, and I only have one to give away later).

Start Something That Matters sticks with the "One for One" model that was originated with the shoes, migrated to eye-ware, and continues with this book, for every book bought, a new book will be given to a child in need. I cannot even begin to explain how much I appreciate the consistency and continuity that Blake is exhibiting with all of his ventures.

In short, buy this book, read this book, absorb the message, and share it with others. You won't be sorry.

Stay tuned, next is part two of my review, where I will talk about how this book has made a difference and inspired me to start something that matters...

And then, the give away of the second book!

Nov 26, 2011

Post Game..

My roomie and I agreed to this picture for whoever lost... haha we had fun :)

MI v. OSU...

The roomie and I watching the MI v. OSU game today.. Having a blast razzing each other :)

Currently less than one quarter left, 30-27 MI.. Oh man!.. Such a fun game! :)

Nov 25, 2011

Toodling Around...

Some of my favorite days are the ones that are full of random toodling around. I enjoy doing nothing planned or be-bopping around with friends, painting my nails, watching a couple movies.. Whatever. Days like that (or today) make the rush of life seem less pressing.

It doesn't hurt that I also have a four day weekend.

Nov 24, 2011

I Am So Thankful...

Thought I would post a bit about the things I am thankful for since it's Thanksgiving.

I am pretty sure I say this every year, and I plan on saying it every year until I am no more, I am so thankful for my family. My parents are amazing people, my brothers are the absolute best (sorry to everyone with brothers), my sister and sister in law are hands down two of the most amazing girls I know, my nephews and niece are hands down the cutest kids ever (again sorry to everyone who has kids in their life). I am so thankful for each one of them, for how close we are, and that we all serve our Savior passionately. I am thankful that I do not have to worry or stress about their salvation. What a blessing.

I am thankful for the lack of health issues I have had this year, especially since last year I struggled with a lot of back pain, this year it has been almost a non-issue. So grateful!

I am very thankful for my job, and the ability to pay bills, pay off debt, and help others.. As stressful and full of tension the last year has been at my job, I know that I am fortunate to not just have a job, but have a well paying one that allows me to take care of myself and others.

I am thankful for being in school again, as much as I am not a fan of school at all, and as much frustration as I have been through trying to understand accounting, finance, economics etc.. I am thankful for the opportunities that I am getting educated to take on later.

I am thankful for my friends, the ones I have had struggles with, the ones I have grown close to, and the ones I have grown apart from. I am so thankful for the things my friends have taught me, the ways they have helped me grow, and I am so thankful for all the ridiculousness they put up with to be my friend!

I am so thankful for the way God has provided in the lives of those around me.. For the faithfulness He has shown to my friends that got married, had babies, adopted, or found jobs. My God is amazing and through good times and bad He has proven Himself faithful time and time again.

I am so thankful for my church, for their humility, their passion, their love, and how passionately they seek after Christ.

I am thankful for the struggles I have been through in the last year.. that seems counter intuitive, and I certainly was not thankful for them as I was going through them, but I also knew at the time one day I would be thankful. I am so thankful that I am beginning to see the whys behind the struggles and all of the things it has begun to cultivate in me.

I. Am. So. Thankful.

Nov 23, 2011

Stripped Away...

It is interesting to me how slowly, methodically, and calculated the Lord pulls away things in your life that distract you from Him. Sometimes I think He does it fast, but more often than not I feel like God does it slowly with me. As though He pulls away the layers in such a fashion that not only do I not have a choice but to let go, but it causes me to turn to Him a little bit more each layer.

Sometimes I think God moves so slowly because I am just that stubborn... and other times I believe He moves that slowly because any faster and I would break.

It is a wonderful thing though to come out on the other side, healed, new, and closer to my savior than ever before.

Nov 21, 2011

Self Control...

This little app keeps me from absent mindedly wandering to Facebook or twitter.. Or google.. Or my website.. Or my Blog.. Or hulu.. You know, any site except my school/homework that needs to me done.

Sometimes you just have to know when to ask for help!

I recommend the Self Control App!

Nov 19, 2011


I was thinking a little bit today about doubts and fears. I am not talking about basic doubt or fears, but the ones deep down inside that really can impact a lot of areas of your life... I was also thinking a bit about how doubts and fears grow, change, or reduce... For example, my biggest fear in college was "ending up alone," meaning I was worried I would be the scary, slightly crazy cat lady at the end of the road.... (or dog lady as it would likely end up ;) I had serious doubts that God heard my pleas and cries for Him to bring me someone so I would not have to do "this" (life) alone. These thoughts ebbed and flowed depending on what was going on around me and how busy or fulfilled I felt. But, one thing remained, there was fear in (what I thought was the worst thing possible) being alone.

What is interesting to me, is, I have found myself genuinely coming out of that fear and those doubts in the last couple years, but mostly in the last year or so. Part of it has been because of my need to focus elsewhere, which removal from the feelings and situation long enough always allows some distance from the thoughts or desires (for me at least). Other parts of it have to do with needing to comfort those around me that I am in fact not lonely at all, not in the slightest... And, finally, I realized that I honestly, whole heartedly trust God's plan for my life. Whether that means I will be the cool fun aunt that never has a husband and family of her own.. or whether that means some day I will adopt my own kids as a single woman... or if I find myself in love, married, and a family of my own. I do not in any way regret or find disappointment in my life so far regardless of the future. I realized sometime in the last year that I genuinely am enjoying my journey, and no part of me feels lacking or that God has left me wanting...

I was marveling the other day at how content I am with life as a whole. I have had some serious struggles, issues, and fires I feel like I have been through the last couple years, but currently I find that I am just content. I love my life... If God chooses to bring me a man.. then He's really gonna have to work on that one, cause not only am I busy (no really, that's not even an avoiding a date line), I am not particularly looking in a guy entering my life in a manner beyond just friends (kiss of death for guys, sorry). You see, it is not that I am against dating or having a guy pursue, I just do not have any, nor know of any that I am hoping will "come get/find me." I like my life just the way it is, single, difficult, busy, and (surprisingly) in DC. If God's will or plan is for me to find "the one" (I am not really sure I believe in that anyway), then I have total and complete confidence that God will work it out... and the guy will be perfect for me haha.. Meaning, he will have no bones about pursuing, and work to get/have me.... thus making me fall deeply and madly in love with him.... haha maybe someday... but not today, and likely not anytime soon.

So, whether you are single or you simply are worried about a single friend, let me encourage you to definitely be praying for the situation, but do not doubt God's plan and the perfectness of how it will all work out in the end. "Do not worry about tomorrow" including worry about the singleness of your loved ones (or yourself).

Trust God.

Nov 18, 2011


"With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One."

These are my new TOMS, black glitters. Love them because I can wear them to work and still be dressy!

Nov 17, 2011

Interesting Week...

It has been such an interesting week.. It started out incredibly frustrating and annoying. I had a couple high points of getting a new book to read, began cultivating a new idea, and has ended with a complete bait and switch of a situation.

First, I want to say, several chapters into the Start Something That Matters book by Blake Mycoskie, I am very much enjoying this book, and finding myself underlining and writing notes in the margins... I will write a (probably a couple) review on it soon. I am definitely getting inspired.

Then today, in the midst of normal chaos at work I discovered that an individual who has caused a lot of stress, turmoil, and angst in my life over the last while was let go. What weird emotions to experience... I never felt a "jump for joy" or "time to celebrate" emotion, mostly I just felt relief.. and suddenly conflicted about the idea of "is it ok to celebrate over someone else losing their job?"... Is that ok? I sent some updating text messages to a few people and expressed my conflicted emotions... My dad wisely suggested that celebrating someone else losing their job is understandably something to be conflicted over, so instead, wait to see who will fill that position moving forward, and celebrate that. Another friend suggested waiting to see if there is room for promotion and celebrate the positive in the situation, not someone else's negative. And finally, another friend suggested that maybe celebrate is the wrong word entirely, but that it is okay to feel relief that there is a degree of struggle no longer playing a role in my workplace environment. So, I have settled on feeling relief that the stress and turmoil I had been experiencing for the last while is no longer a factor, but recognizing that someone (no matter how frustrating to work with) has lost their job.

What a weird week.. which was preceded by last week that just felt crazy, like the world had lost it's mind.

Nov 15, 2011

Something That Matters...

When I got home from work, this is what I found...
Which of course means my new books are in! I am excited to start reading this and then have my giveaway of the second book!

Should be fun!.. and is a great way to come home from a frustrating day at work!

Hello Annoyance...

I have been seriously annoyed the last couple days. Not at anything in particular, but I find myself having to exercise way more control with my reactions to things that are ultimately minor but leave me feeling ready to rip someone's head off. I, as one of my friends put it, had to put myself in adult time out yesterday to avoid laying into someone for a couple of rather minor situations. The problem is I logically know none of the situations matter, and I realize that my feelings towards them are rather silly or petty, but I also have found that knowing that has not helped improve my feelings towards the situations.

Last night, I found myself really just praying about the whole thing admitting that I wanted someone to pick a fight with me so I could tear them apart... and then recognizing how not ok that perspective is, and that I really was powerless to change my perspective and needed some divine intervention... Which ultimately put me to bed instead of talking to anyone.

I hope that the rest of the day and evening pan out in such a way that allows the remaining shreds of totally unfounded annoyance to waste away.

Nov 11, 2011

Nov 9, 2011

Start Something That Matters...

I am so excited, I got this today in my inbox:

So, soon and very soon I will be reading this book, and then having a contest to give the second book for free!

Stay tuned!

Nov 4, 2011

The Saga Continues...

So, surprisingly, I am 3/4 of my way through the last book in the Twilight series. Since I am coming to a close, and have read the majority of the saga now, I thought I would post a few additional thoughts and comments.

First, I can totally see why my father HATED these books... And, at moments, I echo his sentiments entirely. However, as a whole, I do not hate them with the fervor that he did/does. Part of that could simply be because I was actually expecting to hate every bit of the series.. so, mildly better than I was expecting is still better than I was expecting.. Or possibly it has to do with the fact that sometimes I feel like my (maybe all girls) emotions seem to battle irrationally sometimes, and this series certainly gives you a glimpse of the inner workings of a girls mind.. aggravating and all.

Secondly, Alice Cullen is my favorite character. After her, Carlisle and Esme.. But, I appreciate the less morose and depressing aspects her character brings to the story. I enjoy the excitement she gets from the little things, but how much she is an "all in" type person (vampire), whether protecting, party planning or simply because of her enthusiasm.. She makes the story more enjoyable for me.

I also enjoy Emmett's sense of humor about everything..

Now, on to the books, plots, and other characters. In New Moon, I enjoyed the relationship that was built between Bella and Jacob, and understood why there even was such a thing as a "Team Jacob." However, by the end of Eclipse I was ridiculously annoyed with Jacob (and even more so at Bella for that matter), and I was glad out of spite (is that a weird feeling towards a fictional character??) that they did not end up together. The mental torment that Bella put herself through and the hot and cold, back and forth drove me absolutely insane.

I mildly enjoyed the banter between the vampires and werewolves, although both Edward and Jacob's possessiveness simply did not sit well with me. Which, could also have something to do with the fact that I am nearing my 27th birthday, and do not react kindly to being told what to do the way they both were dictating and manipulating Bella. Edward's over protective and possessiveness got really obnoxious quickly.

However, I appreciated how eventually Edward was able to see the usefulness of having werewolves as allies, and genuinely enjoy the friendship he built with Seth due to their battle together... But, in the process was really annoyed at Bella for manipulating him during the whole planning for the attack of Victoria part...

Now that I am most of the way through Breaking Dawn, I am ready for the story to be over... The over-detailed descriptions of post-vampire-turning Bella are getting old, there is just a little too much not going on to keep me overly interested other than wanting to finish the story. However, I will say, I am glad there has been only slight hints, innuendos etc.. of the love scenes.. I was unsure how that was going to play out, but thankfully Stephanie Meyer left more to the imagination than explaining what happened. Now a days, that is a serious plus in my book (pun intended).

Yet, through it all, I still stick with my original thought that, the back and forth Bella expresses and the emotions get old after a while... And, the "self control" Edward has is even more ridiculous than the thought of a vampire (lol weird I know..). Thankfully all of the books are incredibly easy reads, otherwise I probably would not have made it.

I will say though, that throughout the whole series, there is still a (unhealthy in my opinion) draw and a significant amount of attention that this saga points out in regards to the desire girls/women have deep down in the very core of who they are. I can see very easily how any sort of insecurity in the "love" area of a girl/woman's life could lead to an unhealthy obsession with these books, "Edward" or "Jacob" and the fact that it brings up the desire to be fought for, loved, cherished, protected, and part of a wonderful adventure... etc..etc.. Which means, ultimately the craze these books have generated really just show the level at which girls and women are wounded. That breaks my heart.

Overall, I think this series is just ok. Not great, not terrible, about the mediocre at best line..

Nov 3, 2011

High Class...

A friend encouraged me to try video blogging (or vlogging if you are social media savvy)... I am going to attempt it soon, although I have to figure out what I intend on talking about in a video. I find it easy to ramble on about things on my heart and in my mind when I am writing, but I am unsure if the naturalness will come through in a video.. We shall see.

Last night I went to a "Think Pink and Blue" event last night put on by Men Against Breast Cancer. It was a night of h'ordeuvres, champagne, and a men's fashion show. It was fun, but mostly because the people who attended with me were a blast to be around, and they knew who all the "Real Housewives of DC" were.. their guys.. and random fashion people were.. I had no clue, and just enjoyed it. An amusing evening being a part of an evening so totally foreign for me, but for a fantastic cause.

Also, I (thank you facebook) reconnected with a friend from freshman year of college over coffee last night for a bit, and we had a blast catching up and remembering why we enjoyed each others company so many years ago.. We laughed about the fact that so much has changed. Not only are we both in DC instead of small towns in MI, she had dreadlocks, and dramatically different hair, my hair was long and blond, and I wore sweatshirts constantly... Last night both of us looked as though we fit in the city.. lol How odd, and comforting at the same time to be able to remember how much we have changed, and chat with someone who knows where you come from.

Nov 2, 2011

Longest Stay...

Last night, I laid in bed thinking about the last year, the beginning of the next year, and just sort of taking inventory a bit. I realized that, as of today, I will have lived in one place for the longest amount of time since I was 17... That is almost ten years!

Let me break it down this way...
My senior year of highschool we moved to the first house my parents owned.. and we are all convinced it was made for our family.

About six months later I moved to college (I know it is not really a "move".. but it is if you are a girl haha).. I then proceeded to move to and from college for four years, including to and from summer camps every summer.

After I graduated at 22, I moved home... lived there for almost a year, but in the process had packed all my things preparing to move to Africa, then when that fell through I ended up moving to Ohio for summer camp again. At the end of the summer, I got a job in central VA, packed everything I owned/could fit in my car and made the 12 hour trek to my new "home".

Once in central VA, I lived in a temporary apartment for a month. Then moved into a new (beautiful) apartment for 8 months. Then moved to a cute house with two girls for just under a year. Then moved to an attic (my favorite room ever) of the house my roomie had bought... Lived there for 5 months... Then moved to DC where I have been for JUST over a year now.

So, since my senior year of high school I have yet to live in one house for more than a year... And yet, here I am beginning my second year in this same house, feels weird and good at the same time. Part of me thinks there is no possible way I will make another whole year, but then again, stranger things have happened!

Nov 1, 2011

Slow Body...

So, a few thoughts on my currently sloth-like state...

First, I am actually moving faster today than I was yesterday, although not by much.. A large portion of my issue has more to deal with the joint issues I have, and less to do with the muscular soreness. Most of the sore muscles are actually all the small stabilizing muscles, and not really many of the others..

So, I thought I would share a few insights I have gained in the last couple days of my snail pace..

I have been amazed at how much my body is completely aware of my state, I have yet to forget about my need to slow it down, which could cause disastrous amounts of pain to ensue.. Even when I first wake up in the morning, my first thought has been "slow.."

Interestingly, I have also had to concentrate on walking.. How incredibly rudimentary, but necessary.. Because of this, I am keenly aware of my muscles, joints, movements, and pains all the time.

Co-workers keep laughing at me cause I have been walking everywhere touching the walls.. Yet, I have found that this additional sensory has allowed my balance to shift in a way that takes the pressure of the currently sore and in pain joints and stabilization muscles in my hips and legs.

Yesterday, one of my roomies and I had to move the furniture in my house.. lots of laughter ensued as I would push the couches as far as my arms and balance could go... to only then slowly follow with my feet.. Very inchworm style... What is interesting to me is the fact that I did not plan on this tactic, it came out almost as a survival tactic my body produced knowing my arms and upper body are significantly less sore currently.

Everything is currently taking me longer.. almost twice as long... Talk about a force of patience! I literally have no choice but to take my time getting places.

This has turned into a very unique learning experience for me...