Jan 2, 2011

My Girls...

These girls are my favorites... Below is only a few pictures of a large series of pictures we took at our 007 James Bond party.

For some reason I was the only one that found my sudden midgetness amusing ;)

I have no idea what was going on here.. but the faces by all of us are really funny to me :)

This was our last good shot of all of us single... The one on the far left go engaged about an hour later!

She was happy... we weren't because "Then there was 3..." hahah ;)

We are goobers, and know it.. and love it!

You can do nothing bu laugh at this picture...

We are all so different, but so close at the same time :)
I love these girls more then I can accurately describe. They make me feel at home, put up with my crap, laugh at my ridiculousness, and are never afraid to call me out on things.. or join in my antics :) Thank you Jesus for them!

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