May 12, 2010

The Danger in Prayer...

I do not know if you have ever experienced what prayer can do, but let me warn you.. it moves mountains.. and it is a scary thing once you realize how much true faith makes a difference. The problem with prayer is they are answered. 

I have discovered my prayers get answered. Not in a cute little "thanks for turning all the lights through town green for me.." type way.. but in I pray and God answers me. Not necessarily all in the way I was hoping or thinking He would... but how do I dismiss a God that speaks back to me. How do I get angry at a God that allows me to sit at His feet and yell, cry, and excitedly talk to Him? How do I get angry when I pray for answers and I get them? 

The funny thing is when I tell people that God always answers my prayers I get this funny look like "what's wrong with you?"... and yet where in the Bible does it say my Savior would not answer my prayers?.. I never said I get everything I asked for in the fashion I asked for it.. I say He answers me. When I pray, I know He hears me, He comforts me, He reminds of verses, He lets me express whatever I need to, and then, in His timing He answers me. Sometimes I get upset with His answers, and sometimes I am blown away, blessed, and excited by his extremely complicated plan... and still other times I realize I have just one more piece to the puzzle that is my life. A lot of times my answers are just enough that they get me through now to the next moment, and there are times I know that really the only answer I can handle right now is "Wait." But, regardless... just know, your prayers will get answered. You will not always understand them, and sometimes it takes a long time and a whole heck of a lot of prayer before you get an answer, and sometimes they are so far from what you were expecting that you feel like returning them for a full refund... But, I also promise that in the end it will be a perfectly executed plan from our Savior... Even if at this exact moment it makes no sense.

Jesus hears and answers my prayers always, of this there is no doubt.

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