Jun 21, 2010


I have spent more time in my car recently then I think is healthy for anyone.. ever...

Memorial weekend I drove to OH for a wedding... And, they went through with it ;) So, worth the drive!

Last weekend, I drove with two of my best friends to New Hampshire.. About a 12 hour drive with stops.. which quickly turned into about 13 1/2 cause of traffic... It was fairly cold and rainy the whole time, but we absolutely love our friends, and they had a great wedding.. and got married in the end, so it was totally worth going ;) ... PLUS we got to stay in a castle (or a hotel that looked like one)! Then we drove the arduous drive home..

I work an hour from home.. so I drove to and from work Tuesday-Thursday...

Then Friday my friends and I left again for Glens Falls NY for another 10 hour drive for another set of friend's wedding... Which was great, and they also got married (YAY!) So, once again it was worth it and lots of fun... And, I might add, we are becoming experts at marrying friends off ;)

However, my back has been hurting like crazy for the last while (more so than normal) and the doctor finally discovered that my spine is all sorts of messed up... So, they are beginning the process of fixing me, but until I am fixed I have discovered a lot of pain in the process.. which does not mix well with sitting still in a car... or anywhere..

So, praise Jesus I have a couple weeks of normal driving ahead of me instead of marathon car rides!

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