Feb 19, 2010

I Miss...

For some reason today I really miss Africa.. I am pretty sure it has to do with the fact that a few pictures that I had never seen were posted on Facebook by one of the friends that went to Ghana with me... But, regardless I really miss Africa today. And, to share that with you, here are a few pictures.. Old, but mean the same to me :)

I didn't realize he had taken this picture, but I love it.
A boy had shut his heel in a door and gashed it pretty badly.

"Face" painting.
Thanksgiving morning after we scaled an iron gate to get out of the hotel and head for the beach for the sunrise.
A treetop tour. Me taking pictures of a sweet view.
My friend cuddling with this boy.. Albert didn't get down for almost 2 hours.

Another picture I didn't know he'd taken... The kids just wanted to be as close as possible, touch us, and have us respond to anything they said...

I miss this.

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Anonymous said...

oh this just makes me excited for Panama :)
Thanks for posting Krista!