Feb 10, 2010

Crazy Love...

So, two of my best girl friends down here and I are doing this LTG (Life Transformation Group) and we are reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. But, thankfully we decided to actually read it together, instead of apart then coming together to talk about it (otherwise I'd be the slacker who didn't read probably).

But, last night we began reading the first chapter, and after a while beforehand of discussing how we wanted this LTG to work and look, we settled on letting it just sorta "be." We decided there would be no set time, no amount of material to cover... we just want it to be very organic in nature, flow as it needs to flow.

I am pretty excited about reading this book, especially with these two girls. I am really looking forward to hearing their thoughts, and pondering the wide variety of things Chan has to share with us :)

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