Jan 9, 2009

Things that make me laugh..

So.. I thought I'd post some of the things I've found to be hysterical recently..

"I didn't hit you... I high-fived you to the face!" - HAHA! I've definitely started using this one :)

"LOL - Lots of love, and sometimes Laughing out loud. Hehe - a polite chuckle. Haha - an actual laugh. Har har - you're a retard."

"Blind Orphans get EVERYTHING!" - Igor the movie...

"CREEEEPERRRR!!" - If you only knew haha :)

"Krista you are already hiding behind a pillow?.. the movie hasn't even started yet.." - and for the record I wasn't hiding it was cold.. and we were watching AVP which isn't scary lol

"You're back!"
"I'm always Back, but hopefully not forever..."
"Well we really would like to keep you as long as possible."
"..... Yes, but hopefully not as a Back.."
"... Oh... HAHA.. got it.. I'm slow"

"Can I.. Can I... Can I.. Can I have your number?"

"Girl the back of your head looks ridiculous!" - Which was said to me about my fro LOL

"501 North is going in the same direction as 29 South?!" - Maybe you will begin to understand why I hate the road system here...

"Bless your heart is the same as saying 'aww..you poor stupid retard'.." - You can only understand if you live in the south lol

Hopefully you got a chuckle from these :) I certainly have.. and this isn't even the stories or faces that have me cracking up all the time... :)

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