Jul 14, 2011

Marketing Management...

Well, I did it.. I finished and passed my Stats class!!.. Praise the Lord Jesus for that one! I feel like it was the longest 8 weeks ever, but that was probably aided by the fact that I had 40 million other things going on and the annoyance of homework just never seemed to go away in the midst of all of the other plans.

Now.. I am firmly 1/3 of the way through the class and on to Marketing Management. PLUS one of my classmates from a previous class switched her classes around so she will be in this class with me. And, I am hoping that I will at least understand this material (please please please) since this is sorta my undergrad degree.. and my 7 years experience. I am hoping to learn new things, but comprehend the information. I can handle the long hours put in.. if I am at least understanding what I am reading.

So, off to another 8 week race to complete yet another class!.. Whew this gets tiring!

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