Feb 21, 2011

Just Dance...

I spent two nights this past weekend going dancing... I wanted to find and experience new places around DC to dance, and decided since it was an extended weekend it was the perfect reason to go! Plus, as always the cardio involved is crazy intense, and so much better then running a few miles.

There is something freeing and energizing about wearing myself out dancing. haha The thing that makes it even odder is that typically I dance with men I do not know. But, I love the fact that there is so much technique involved, and it requires a different tactic and response with each guy I dance with. I love learning new moves, and honing my skills.. Plus it helps that I feel totally beautiful in a new way.

When I do martial arts I feel beautiful, but in a skilled, trained, specific, graceful and powerful way. This is just pure "I am a beautiful girl" kind of feeling. Love it, and love how tired I am afterward.

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