Apr 13, 2011

Where Have I Been?...

Crazy sick.

I came home Sunday from a weekend in Lynchburg and fell asleep fairly early, only to wake up the next morning feeling HORRIBLE.. So I called in sick and proceeded to sleep until 4pm.. At which time I forced myself to eat and stay up until 10pm and slept another 9 hours worked a decent days work.. but left early to sleep for a few hours.. do some homework, then back to sleep with me... then this morning I went to work.. only to peeter out around noon, back home to sleep for about 4 hours.. drug myself out of bed to do some homework (of which I am totally lost), then off to the gym to cough and have breathing issues for an hour.. then back to finish some homework.. try to eat something.. and then off to bed.

Mostly I've been sleeping, that is where I have been. I hope this cold goes away quickly!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'm takin' this one to God. :) Sending a prayer up to the Big Kahuna for ya, love!!