Jun 6, 2012

Inspired Lethargy...

I have been in this weird mix of super inspired lately, and entirely too lethargic to actually act upon my inspiration. I have so many fun and creative ideas that I want to try..

I have been inspired lately for the visual side of my Facts of Life Book.

I have been inspired with ideas for a book series that I want to write with my dad.

I have been inspired with ideas for my sister's birthday gift (which sadly is late already..)

I have been inspired by photography.

I have been inspired...

However, sadly I have also been lethargic.. which I have no doubt is due to my fairly distinct lack of sleep that I have gotten for the last two weeks... I realized when I looked around my room this morning that my mind is out of control, because it is reflected in the chaos that is my room...

I think this will need to change, and quickly.

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