Oct 4, 2011

Shout Outs...

So, I do not typically talk to particular readers.. I honestly blog as if the people reading my blog do not exist. However, I am fully aware of their presence, I just find I write better if I write as though this is just for me. I tend to write in a little abstract terms, referring to people in the neutral, and in a manner that unless you are well acquainted with my situations and friends there are very few details given to clue strangers into the lives of my friends. I do this in an attempt to protect the privacy of my friends and family and keep their stories theirs, while talking about my portion of the stories. I avoid writing while I am mad, and when I do write angry, I make a concerted effort to avoid naming, blaming or defaming someone.

Anyway, with all that said.. I wanted to point out some fun facts and say thank you!

Below are the number of my blog visitors since about the middle of 2009... Which means it is sans about 9 months of stats.. which really is not that much to be totally honest. However, I love the diversity in my readers. Some of my visitors I have no idea who they are, and probably even most of my readers... However, mostly, I wanted to show how neat the reach of my blog has gotten. There are some countries that I know who at least some of the readers are, and others I am totally clueless.

These are the top 10 visiting countries:
United States                                          5,005
Russia                                                    133

Germany                                                117

South Korea                                          117

 United Kingdom                                     62
Canada                                                  58

China                                                     58

France                                                   58

India                                                      32

 Poland                                                   31

I am very curious the thoughts and posts that keep people coming back to read more. I hope it is because they see something different in my writings, connect with feelings, find comfort in the authenticity... But, mostly I hope it is because they are finding hope and encouragement from Jesus through this blog. Thank you for coming and reading my blog.. This one is a rare pause to shout out to you all :)

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